As of Aug. 26, it has gotten very dry. That's not all bad for the dove hunting. There are large numbers of birds around, and the opening of the Central Zone on Sept. 1, should push more our way.

In 2010, we will hold THE LAST FLUNT Sept. 17-19. This will be the opening weekend of the full South Zone Season (as opposed to the Special Whitewing Season on the first two weekends of the month). The speaker will be Lt. Gen. Steve Polk, USAF, Ret. Steve was a Fighter Squadron, and Wing Commander, and rose to become the Inspector General of the Air Force. I'm sure he will have a few stories for us.

We hope to have lots of airplanes in attendance. Call us at 830-279-9464 or on VHF 122.75 on your way in for the latest report. The Northeast 2,500 ft. of the runway is now paved. It's narrow, but I'm sure you can handle it.   

Young or inexperienced hunters are welcome. However, young folks should have their Texas Hunter Education Certificate with them or otherwise comply with the laws on that subject. (See the hot link to the
Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. for the specifics on the hunting and fishing laws for the current year.) All guests should obtain a license before arriving and observe the game laws strictly. Repeating shotguns must be plugged to three shots. This is my treat, the only things that I ask is that you be safe and leave the place exactly as you found it, or better.  New for this year: No shooting inside the compound fence. Everyone should be able to escape you wild and crazy hunters if they choose to do so.

Question: Does this mean pick up your empty shotgun shell hulls?  Answer: Yes.


There has never been a hunting or flying accident at one of our hunts. Let's keep it that way. Besides basic safety, we observe the etiquette that you should unload or open your shotgun before approaching anyone so that they may see that your shotgun is indeed safe. Please do not lean a shotgun in a way that it may fall. Do not accept a shot that will allow pellets to rain down on your neighbor. Do not accept a shot that will be uncomfortably loud for anyone. There will be plenty of birds, just wait for the next one if you are in doubt. 

Shotgun, ammo (number 7 1/2 shot is popular), sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant, folding chair, ice chest, liquid refreshment, ear and eye protection, license, hat, ziplock bags (to take your birds home), absolutely any legal toy that you want to show us.


Yes, we play croquet, but it's not like your father's croquet. We usually ante a few dollars to make it interesting. We haven't had a serious fight, yet. We have a new set of tournament-quality mallets.   Rules

Contact Us:
If you will attend the Flunt or would like to send us a message, please let us know by sending us an e-mail at The Bar-B-Que is a catered event. If you tell us you'll attend and then don't, we'll mail you your plate of BBQ (surface mail). If you come to the BBQ and didn't tell us you were coming, you should stop at McDonald's and pick up something to eat.